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Jubi transforms

learning from an event to a process that inspires individuals and organizations to reach for higher levels of achievement.



Inside Jubi

What is Jubi?

Jubi is

the ultimate engagement tool that transforms any content into an inspiring engagement and learning experience. 

Jubi can

be used to deliver micro-credentials, on-board new employees, engage customers, accelerate change, and scale employee development.

Jubi delivers

pre-loaded programs from top tier subject matter experts and its powerful authoring tool allows any content to be easily converted into
a Jubi experience.

Jubi is

short for the word “Jubilant”, which means to experience joy and triumph.

Jubi drives

impact by closing the gap between “learning and doing”.

Jubi provides

ultra rich data that can be used to track and optimize an experience.





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    What Makes Jubi Different?

    Jubi trumps its competitors by closing the gap between gaining knowledge and applying that knowledge in the real world through its “Learn-Do-Inspire” architecture.

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    Learn x Do x Inspire = Quantum Leap Performance

    Techniques and technologies are embedded in Jubi that validate the application of learning.

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    Engaged Learning

    Jubi drives learning through stimulating, question driven challenges and content that is organized into quests and levels.

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    Share Content with Others

    Users are encouraged to upload or link to content they feel will be relevant to other users.

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    Take Real-life Action

    Jubi enables users to select or add action items enabling them to apply what they are learning in a context that is meaningful.

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    Game Design Elements

    Jubi uses innovative game design elements and mechanics to turn the entire experience into “an adventure of challenge and triumph”.

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    A Learning Community

    Jubi combines the Science of Inspiration™ with proven collaborative tools to create an environment where users are compelled to become fully engaged members of their learning community.




Larry Mohl – Founder

Larry Mohl

Is The Jubi Team Really Different?

The Jubi team is wildly enthusiastic about actually speaking to customers and providing a high level of customer care.  We believe there is nothing more important than making sure your experience with Jubi is truly...jubilant!

Terry Barber – Founder

Terry Barber